Shoulder Pain

Cannot say enough about how wonderful Christina is. I had a very hurt Shoulder and through Acupuncture and Cupping I have made a full recovery. Christina made the experience painless, and introduced me to the world of meditation, which helped in my recovery. Thanks a million, Fergus.

Fergus, Tralee.

Severe Neck & Shoulder Pain

I received Acupuncture for a severe and constant pain through my right shoulder blade, up my neck and down my arm to my fingers. I had this pain for 2/3 years. I t would wake me several times a night. I had a lot of Physio and Massage but nothing relieved the pain. Acupuncture was the next step. After 2 treatments the pain was gone, and I was sleeping 7/8 hours of unbroken sleep. I have more energy and feel less stressed. I don’t have a pain in my body and feel ten years younger!

My periods had also stopped for about 3 months and after receiving Acupuncture to treat this issue also , 3 days later my period started again.

I cant thank Christina enough for her treatments and would highly recommend Acupuncture to everyone.

Marie , Tralee

Digestive Problems and Knee Pain 

I have gone to Christina for Acupuncture several times, for digestive problems and also a painful knee. My stomach improved greatly after the first visit, and my knee also improved after 2 or 3 treatments.

I would definitely recommend Christina for Acupuncture treatments.

Margaret, Tralee.


I went to see Christina when I was extremely stressed from
being in the middle of moving house. I had a slight phobia
of needles but wanted to give acupuncture a chance. I
quickly found Christina’s sensitive, warm and open
manner put me at ease. I have had at least 6 sessions with
her, and counting, and I have found I actually enjoy the
whole process now. After the first couple of needles went in
I experienced a deep palpable feeling of relaxation wash
over me. I sleep soundly the night after the treatment and
this peace stays with me into the next day even.

As a support for stress, Christina’s acupuncture was

Ali, Limerick, 2015.

IBS and Sinus Infection

I went to Christina for Acupressure, with IBS and a sinus infection. I was diagnosed in 2003 with chronic IBS and must have tried everything on the market, both prescribed and off the counter, some of which only giving temporary relief. Therefore I felt I had nothing to loose in trying acupressure. At the time I was severely constipated and my stomach was totally bloated and very uncomfortable. I was totally amazed from the results I received from the Acupressure. Within a very short time my bowel started to function normally and I felt like a new person. It worked better for me than anything and everything I have ever tried.

At the same time I was suffering with a very bad sinus infection, which caused pain to the whole right hand side of my face and eye. Christina applied Acupressure which really eased the pain.

I was extremely impressed with the results of the treatments, and would highly recommend.

Pauline, Listowel.

Fertility and Post-Pregnancy Care

I found the Kerry Acupuncture Clinic excellent . I had being trying unsuccessfully to conceive for 9 months , I was watching dates , diet the works but nothing seemed to work . I was beginning to despair and when I decided to try acupuncture . A friend of mine had recommended it and I thought it would be good to give it a try .
I went for two treatments to the Kerry Acupuncture  Clinic and found the clinician Christina to be very thorough  in her examination . Christina advised me on specific dietary  changes individual to me and also gave me a very relaxing treatment on both occasions .She was patient in her analysis and advice and one month later I conceived my now beautiful baby girl .
Some nine months later I was post c section , breastfeeding and suffering a uterine infection and high blood pressure . My body was a breaking point , my husband booked Kerry acupuncture for me as he could see the stress I was under . Again Christina was excellent . She gave me many treatments at that time and really helped to relieve  the stress I was under . One particular treatment was quite cathartic where she used a pressure point on my forehead . I cud feel the immediate release of tension
I couldn’t recommend Kerry Acupuncture highly enough.

Patricia, Kerry.

 General Well-Being

“My first time getting Acupuncture and I can’t recommend highly enough. Great treatment from a lovely therapist.”

Tracy, Ballybunion.

Neck Pain

“Wow, What amazing results! I went to Christina with severe neck pain and after only one session where she used a combination of different techniques, I have had no pain since. Christina is exceptional at what she does, I would highly recommend her.”

Alice, North Kerry.

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