Sinus & Migraine

I have attended Christina for the last year and a half and couldn’t recommend her highly enough. I suffered really badly from sinusitis and migraines and had tried steroid sprays and antibiotics for a long period of time to no avail. I completed a 10 week course of acupuncture for sinusitis initially. I felt huge relief after the 3rd week and by week 10 my symptoms had dramatically improved. I now attend for monthly top ups, migraines have completely subsided and I really feel the benefit in my overall health and well being thanks to Christina.  Elaine – Tralee.


Ear Infection, Immune system, Digestive and Hormonal Issues.

 “I attended Christine for acupuncture as I was fed up of constantly feeling unwell. I suffered with chronic ear infections for many years and was so frustrated having to take regular antibiotics. Christine’s gentle, attentive and personable manner instantly put me at ease. After the first treatment with Christine I already felt a vast improvement. Christine really listened to what I was telling her and adapted the treatment on a weekly basis according to my feedback. She also treated me for digestive and hormonal issues and restored  balance in my body. So glad I found Christine!”

Mary, Tralee .


Energy and Well-Being

 “When I started going for acupuncture with Christine I had no energy. I felt like there was a big cloud over me smothering any energy I had. After 2 to 3 sessions I could feel myself come back to life on the inside. My energy started to come back. Christine has such a lovely calm way about her and as the weeks went by I looked forward to my weekly session. Christine suggested other remedies I could try at home to achieve balance and peace within myself. I consider myself lucky to have found Christine. “– Katherine , Listowel , 2018.

Shoulder Pain

Cannot say enough about how wonderful Christina is. I had a very hurt Shoulder and through Acupuncture and Cupping I have made a full recovery. Christina made the experience painless, and introduced me to the world of meditation, which helped in my recovery. Thanks a million, Fergus.

Fergus, Tralee.

Severe Neck & Shoulder Pain

I received Acupuncture for a severe and constant pain through my right shoulder blade, up my neck and down my arm to my fingers. I had this pain for 2/3 years. It would wake me several times a night. I had a lot of Physio and Massage but nothing relieved the pain. Acupuncture was the next step. After 2 treatments the pain was gone, and I was sleeping 7/8 hours of unbroken sleep. I have more energy and feel less stressed. I don’t have a pain in my body and feel ten years younger!

My periods had also stopped for about 3 months and after receiving Acupuncture to treat this issue also , 3 days later my period started again.

I cant thank Christina enough for her treatments and would highly recommend Acupuncture to everyone.

Marie , Tralee

Digestive Problems and Knee Pain 

I have gone to Christina for Acupuncture several times, for digestive problems and also a painful knee. My stomach improved greatly after the first visit, and my knee also improved after 2 or 3 treatments.

I would definitely recommend Christina for Acupuncture treatments.

Margaret, Tralee.


I went to see Christina when I was extremely stressed from
being in the middle of moving house. I had a slight phobia
of needles but wanted to give acupuncture a chance. I
quickly found Christina’s sensitive, warm and open
manner put me at ease. I have had at least 6 sessions with
her, and counting, and I have found I actually enjoy the
whole process now. After the first couple of needles went in
I experienced a deep palpable feeling of relaxation wash
over me. I sleep soundly the night after the treatment and
this peace stays with me into the next day even.

As a support for stress, Christina’s acupuncture was

Ali, Limerick, 2015.

IBS and Sinus Infection

I went to Christina for Acupressure, with IBS and a sinus infection. I was diagnosed in 2003 with chronic IBS and must have tried everything on the market, both prescribed and off the counter, some of which only giving temporary relief. Therefore I felt I had nothing to loose in trying acupressure. At the time I was severely constipated and my stomach was totally bloated and very uncomfortable. I was totally amazed from the results I received from the Acupressure. Within a very short time my bowel started to function normally and I felt like a new person. It worked better for me than anything and everything I have ever tried.

At the same time I was suffering with a very bad sinus infection, which caused pain to the whole right hand side of my face and eye. Christina applied Acupressure which really eased the pain.

I was extremely impressed with the results of the treatments, and would highly recommend.

Pauline, Listowel.

Fertility and Post-Pregnancy Care

I found the Kerry Acupuncture Clinic excellent . I had being trying unsuccessfully to conceive for 9 months , I was watching dates , diet the works but nothing seemed to work . I was beginning to despair and when I decided to try acupuncture . A friend of mine had recommended it and I thought it would be good to give it a try .
I went for two treatments to the Kerry Acupuncture  Clinic and found the clinician Christina to be very thorough  in her examination . Christina advised me on specific dietary  changes individual to me and also gave me a very relaxing treatment on both occasions .She was patient in her analysis and advice and one month later I conceived my now beautiful baby girl .
Some nine months later I was post c section , breastfeeding and suffering a uterine infection and high blood pressure . My body was a breaking point , my husband booked Kerry acupuncture for me as he could see the stress I was under . Again Christina was excellent . She gave me many treatments at that time and really helped to relieve  the stress I was under . One particular treatment was quite cathartic where she used a pressure point on my forehead . I cud feel the immediate release of tension
I couldn’t recommend Kerry Acupuncture highly enough.

Patricia, Kerry.

 General Well-Being

“My first time getting Acupuncture and I can’t recommend highly enough. Great treatment from a lovely therapist.”

Tracy, Ballybunion.

Neck Pain

“Wow, What amazing results! I went to Christina with severe neck pain and after only one session where she used a combination of different techniques, I have had no pain since. Christina is exceptional at what she does, I would highly recommend her.”

Alice, North Kerry.

Pre-Birth Acupuncture

 “I attended Christina for 4 sessions of pre-birth Acupuncture as my previous 2 labours were medically induced and I wanted to prevent this from happening again. Thankfully baby arrived naturally , with no medical induction! I definently believe the acupuncture helped with both starting labour myself  and a much easier labour. ”

Theresa,  North Kerry.